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Condominium for rent in Singapore

Condominium for rent in Singapore

Things to take note when renting a condominium in Singapore. When tenant are looking for an apartment to rent, tenant can engage a real estate agent to help you source for apartments. If  tenant have the time and know how they can also source the apartments themselves. There are many property listing websites tenant can try to search for properties. It will be easier for tenant to engage a real estate agent to source the properties for tenant. Viewing of properties is a time consuming and tiring process so tenant will have to be prepared for it. You might need 1-2 days to view all properties.

Things to note when viewing properties in Singapore :-

  1. unfurnished – means the apartment is without any furnitures and white goods.
  2. partial furnished –  means the apartment is with white goods but without any furniture.
  3. fully furnished – means the apartment is with furnitures and white goods.

Once tenant have confirm the apartment that they like to stay in, the next step is to issue a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the landlord. In the Letter of Intent (LOI), will need to include :-

  1. condominium address
  2. lease terms
  3. rental price
  4. starting date of the lease
  5. furnishing preference
  6. list of request from tenant – eg. to clean apartment, to paint or touchup apartment, new washing machine, dryer, dish washer. All request are subject to landlords accepting.
  7. one month of good faith deposit
  8. signature of tenant

When landlord accepts the Letter of Intent (LOI), landlord will sign on the Letter of Intent (LOI) and each will have a copy of the Letter of Intent (LOI). After this the tenant and landlord will need to agree on the tenancy agreement. The real estate agent will have a copy of standard tenancy agreement. In the tenancy agreement things to note :-

  1. landlord names and address
  2. condominium address
  3. starting date and ending date of lease
  4. rental price
  5. rental deposit – normally 2 years lease is 2 months monthly rental
  6. landlord banking details to sent monthly rental to
  7. aircon maintenance done by tenant
  8. minor repair clause – for any repairs in the apartment, the first $200 will be borne by the tenant and the excess will be by the landlord.
  9. diplomatic clause –  normally for 2 years contract, tenant will need to stay at least 12 months before they can give 2 months notice to landlord to be release from the lease.

Tenant will have to make sure that the condominium belongs to the landlord names that are stated in the tenancy. There are checks that can be done through government website IRAS e valuation or inlis. For landlord they will need to check if tenant has the necessary pass to stay and work in Singapore. Tenants will have to adhered to the rules and regulation of the condominium they are staying and the laws of Singapore. Tenants are allowed to use the condominium for residential purpose only.

Condominium for rent in Singapore


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