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Future Homes Better Lives – By HDB

Road to Better Homes – Sustainability and Greenery

HDB will be showcasing detailed plans for the first housing projects in Bidadari and Tampines North, as well as for Punggol Northshore – one of seven new waterfront housing districts in Punggol. Tailored to capitalise on each estate’s distinct character, history and local flavour, these plans are set to usher in a new generation of public housing. Northshore will also be the first district to test-bed smart technologies in public housing. This will enhance the planning, design and maintenance of HDB estates to bring about a more liveable, efficient, sustainable and safe living environment.

Bidadari’s First Housing Precinct

Creating Green and Vibrant Spaces

Bidadari Estate Pictures - HDB











The first housing precinct at Bidadari is strategically located near Alkaff Lake and Bidadari Park, and planned to flank the main spine of Bidadari estate.

The precinct will feature lush landscapes within its main pedestrian routes, courtyards, and car park roof gardens. A host of eco-friendly initiatives will also provide for a sustainable living environment.


Bidadari Estate - HDB Bidadari's First Housing Precinct -HDB


  • More than 1,000 units, blocks up to 18 storeys
  • Views of Bidadari Park and man-made
  • Alkaff Lake
  • Landscaped decks and roof gardens
  • Link bridges between roof gardens and across roads

Tampines North’s First Housing Precinct

Tranquil Living in a Park-Like Setting

Tampines-North Pictures - HDB










The first housing precinct in Tampines North will be home to more than 1,500 families. Responding to its existing topography and character, HDB will include a wide range of green and sustainable features which will give residents a more comfortable and conducive living environment. Comprising 15 residential blocks, the precinct is located along Tampines Avenue 9.

Tampines-North - HDB Tampines-North's First Housing Precinct - HDB


  • More than 1,500 units, blocks of 14 to 16 storeys
  • Park with pavilions inspired by sand quarries
  • Landscaped decks and roof gardens
  • Link bridges between roof gardens and across roads

Punggol Northshore

A Smart and Sustainable District

Punggol-northshore Pictures - HDB









Northshore District, located at the seafront, is HDB’s first Smart and eco-friendly district in Punggol Eco-Town. This provides unique opportunities for exploring sustainable solutions for a quality living environment.

For the first four precincts in Punggol Northshore, HDB will be introducing various urban design strategies to enhance pedestrian connectivity between precincts, provide generous community spaces, and improve the overall comfort, living experience and convenience for residents.

Punggol-northshore - A Smart and Sustainable District- HDB Punggol-northshore - HDB Punggol Town - HDB


  • More than 3,000 units, blocks up to 26 storeys
  • “Intelligent” carparks, lighting sensors, and solar panel-ready roofs
  • Seafront shopping centre facing the Johor Strait
  • Landscaped decks and roof gardens

Future Homes Better Lives – By HDB

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